Straightline Roofing Services

Our experience with the exterior needs of homes in the Memphis area extends from insurance claim repairs to roof replacements and from siding to gutters. Renovation to storm damage. We are confident we can help you.

Residential Roofing - New Roof

Installing new roofs is where we get most of our new business. Homeowner's love the new roof we just installed on their home and ask us to install gutters and siding. Or it's the neighbor across the street that needs help. This is what they first talk about, the great looking lifetime warranty roof that was just completed. This is where it starts for us and you can count on our experience to guide you through all of it.

Years of installing new roofs has produced real craftsman among our crew.

We only use top of the line products. Composition shingles are the most popular roofing material, call us and we can help you decide.

If you wish to learn more about the products we use, see this GAF link to help you decide - "Your Roof, Your Home".

Residential Roofing - Roof Repair

Roof repairs are done by the same crew that does new roof installs, what we repair will be as good as new. We will advise you of your options when we inspect the damage. We want you to have a clear understanding of what we can help you with.

Once you see pallets of shingles in your driveway for a new roof or just a few boxes for a roof repair, you can be assurred that everything will be completed to what was promised.

Residential Gutters- New Installations or Repair

We know our way around a roof and gutters are no exception. There are many benefits to having gutters installed on your home.
  • People stay dryer from water flowing off the roof over entrances
  • Houses stay cleaner because dirt isn't being splashed onto the house
  • Gutters prevent erosion as they keep the water controlled, including keeping flowers and mulch from being damaged
  • Gutters prevent rot as they keep water away from the fascia boards and funnel it to the ground or storm water system
  • Keep foundations stable and basements dry as they don't allow water sitting near the foundation
With many options and flexibility, talk to us about adding gutters to your house.

Residential Siding- New Installations or Repair

Talk to us about siding! Our siding team are just as skilled as our roofing team. We can repair/replace older patterns of siding or fully install any of the great modern siding materials on the market today.

Painting and Carpentry

Our team replaces rotten and broken wood along with full service painting. Homeowners need options, whether they are staying in the house for a few years or many, our experience allows us to advise you on your options to keep you protected.