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Consider these insurance questions

Did you know there was a storm in your area that caused damage to your roof?
You may not have realized, but the shingles you have been replacing or other small roof repairs were caused by a storm that insurance companies are paying 100% for new roofs on your neighbors house.
Using your insurance to replace or repair your roof doesn't mean your rates will go up.
You have insurance to protect you. Roof replacement or roof repairs that are tied to a storm do not raise your rates. This was weather related damage to your property and your insurance covers this.
1 year from date of storm damage in your area, that is all the time you have, then the door closes.
You may be repairing your roof out of your own pocket, believing this is keeping you protected and keeping your rates from going up. Consider damage you dont see and only an expert in roofing can. Consider that all those small repairs add additional wear and tear on your roof. Are you still protected? Take away - you can not file a claim on storm damage once a year has passed from a storm date.
Your neighbor has a new 50 year warranty on his roof and everything that is important to them is protected.
There are signs to look for that you should call a reputable roofing contractor to inspect your property. A house on your street is getting a new roof installed. Missing shingles on your house or your neighbors. Signs of water leaks on your ceiling inside your home. Curled up edges of shingles, meaning wind damage has caused the shingle to flip up, removing your protection from the elements. There are many more signs you can get a roof 100% paid for by your insurance, call us and let's have a conversation.
Frequently, $0 down is required. We have a 96% approval rate with insurance companies.
Clarity for a moment - you are protected, we are experienced, we want your business, lets talk. Call us to inspect your roof and let us represent you when the insurance adjuster visits your property. You wouldn't go to court without a lawyer, but you are doing exactly that if you don't ask for help. This is what we do. Let's have this conversation and we will fight for you and we are strong!

Reputable companies want you to feel comfortable doing business with them and will welcome your inquiries.

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This is what is important to us:

We will explain how we can help

We believe this. You have important things to do each day on top of keeping your family safe and protected.
Call and have a conversation with us, we are experienced with insurance companies. You can have a 50 year warranty on a new roof we install, we want you to ask questions, we want to explain options and how modern roofing systems enable you to have strong warranty protection.